R&D Project Process

Research and Development, commonly abbreviated as R&D, is a trending topic in today’s world. R&D refers to the creative work undertaken in a systematic way to enhance knowledge and understanding of individuals, society, and culture. This accumulation of knowledge often leads to the development of new applications and innovations.

As KAYA-PEN R&D department, during our journey towards improving production quality, we engage in R&D. This involves systematic work aimed at improving existing products through innovative ideas and programs or by acquiring new information that can be used to produce new products or prototype products using up-to-date computer programs.

The R&D department is staffed with expert personnel and qualified support staff who are actively involved in planning, managing, monitoring, evaluating and supporting the scientific and technical aspects of R&D activities. Our R&D personnel have bachelor’s degrees along with the necessary certificates, licenses, and certifications of competence required for their field of work.

Our company’s Research and Development department is comprised of skilled technicians, proficient operators, and experienced engineers. We move forward as a team that is open to innovative ideas and has a strong team spirit. Our R&D is the result of collaborative work, and our primary objective is to value every idea that comes our way.