About Us

“Our company was established in 1977 in Sinop by our late father, Sami Kaya. Initially, we operated in the glass industry, but we transitioned to manufacturing PVC window and door systems in 1992 by revamping our operations.”

Our company has been manufacturing PVC window and door accessories since 1997. We have gained extensive knowledge, experience, and high standards throughout our commercial journey which have become our general policy. We invested in technological and human resources in this field, which includes R&D, Molding Room, Aluminum Casting, Zamak Metal Injection, Plastic Injection, Press Shop, Anodized Coating, Electrostatic Powder Coating Lines, Chromating Facility, and Zinc Coating Facility. Our production facility is environmentally friendly, with an indoor area of 15,650m² and a total area of 22,000m². We have more than 400 employees who work towards making our company an integrated facility.