Jumbo Window Handle

Jumbo Window Handle 60 4 Level Powder Coating

Featured Information

Quality Certificate: DIN EN 13126-3 (German Certified)
Corrosion Resistance: Very High Corrosion Resistance (EN 1670 Class: 5)
Usage Class: 2 (For Standard Single and Double Openings)
Style: Modern
Pause: 4 Levels (900)
Durability: 4/180 (15,000 Double Opening Cycles)
Safety: Quality Class 1 (Normal Use)
Connector: POM
Surface: Powder Coated
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Applicable Window Thickness: 60-80 mm
Tie Bar: 7×7 mm

List of Materials​

Window Handle: 1 Piece
Tie Bar: 1 Piece
Connection Screw: 2 Pieces