Environmental Sensitivity

Kaya-Pen Plastik SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. is committed to protecting the environment through the design, production, and sales of PVC door and window accessories. We aim to work with all our stakeholders to effectively and successfully carry out our responsibilities and contribute to the environment.

We can ensure a healthy and habitable world for future generations through environmental studies.

In order to achieve sustainable growth, we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and adhering to sustainable environment and energy principles.

Our commitment is to protect natural resources and consider their life cycle while implementing our environmental management system.

  • We will manage the environmental aspects of all our activities in our establishment
  • We will control chemical risks, wastewater, and emissions to reduce their effects on the environment and prevent pollution.
  • Recycling will be our preferred waste disposal method to minimize waste generation.
  • We will research, follow, and apply appropriate technologies and methods that will not harm the environment and conserve the use of resources.
  • We will continuously work to protect the environment and use raw materials and energy resources efficiently. In case of an accident or emergency,
  • we will make risk assessments and be prepared to reduce our negative impact on the environment.
  • We will constantly control and minimize the formations that may occur after production and affect the environment.
  • Environmental awareness is a top priority in all our new investments.
  • We will share our policy with our employees and stakeholders to increase environmental awareness and sensitivity.
  • We will integrate environmental issues into our training to increase the awareness of our employees.
  • We will purchase energy-efficient products, services, and technologies that support high-performance designs.